North Park ESL Onsite

North Park’s in person ESL classes are held at North Park Community Church at 1510 Fanshawe Park Road close to Highbury Avenue.
The classes are on Saturday mornings from 9:30 to 12:00.
Students have many opportunities to practice their English skills with various activities and games.
There are no tests, only enriching engagement with the English language in Biblical stories.
Each student is placed in the class which will most help their English skills to grow.
The cost is $50 which includes the workbook.
We also offer a free children’s program.
See more details below.
Winter Term 2023
January 14 – March 11 (no class February 18 – Family Day weekend)
Courses offered: The Good Samaritan part 2; The Life of Joseph part 2; The Life of Peter part 2; Faith Ancestors part 2

Spring Term 2023
April 15 – June 10 (no class on May 20 - Victoria Day weekend)
Courses offered:  The Prodigal Son; The Life of Joseph part 3; The Life of Peter part 3; Faith Ancestors part 3

Course Descriptions

Beginner Learners – Canadian Language Benchmarks 1-3

Develop English listening and speaking skills for everyday use through interaction
with the parable of The Good Samaritan.

Learners will focus on comprehending and discussing this well-known story and developing their language to tell their own story, to describe people and places, to give and follow directions, to ask for help appropriately, to visit a doctor, to buy and sell, and other practical language tasks.
Intermediate Learners – Canadian Language Benchmarks 3-4

Improve your English skills for everyday use through interaction with Joseph’s experience as described
in the in the Old Testament text of Genesis in The Life of Joseph.

Learners will not only explore the narrative of Joseph’s faithfulness to his God, but also improve their English listening and speaking skills through many interactive activities.
Intermediate Learners – Canadian Language Benchmarks 4-5

Improve your English skills for everyday use through interaction with texts  from
the Gospels and Acts of the Apostles about The Life of Peter.

Learners will not only explore the narrative of Peter’s relationship with Jesus but also improve their pronunciation, vocabulary and grammar for questioning, agreeing, disagreeing, giving an opinion and other language functions.
Advanced Learners – Canadian Language Benchmarks 5-6

Develop your English listening and speaking skills through interaction with the stories of the lives of Abraham, Sarah, Isaac and many others, our Faith Ancestors.

Learners will learn to use the English grammatical system more accurately and appropriately, to understand and use English idiomatic expressions, to improve their English pronunciation, to read and write in various genres, and to analyze and discuss the events of the lives of our faith ancestors.
Advanced Learners – Canadian Language Benchmarks 6+

Enhance your ability to communicate in English through interaction with the life of Jesus Christ
in the Gospel of Luke in The Promised Saviour.

Learners will further develop their listening, speaking and reading skills not only through an engaging interaction with the text but also through using appropriate language for questioning, giving an opinion, disagreeing, agreeing, asking for help and other important language functions in everyday life.
All Levels of English Learners

Develop English listening and speaking skills for everyday use through interaction with the parable of The Prodigal Son.

Learn how to sound “English” as you work through a more thorough focus on the pronunciation system of English. Learn to hear and use the ‘melody of English’. You will also have opportunities to discuss the events and issues of this well-known parable of Jesus in various activities.

Free Children's Program

Our children’s program is for the children of students and staff and is for ages 0-12 (up to Grade 6).

Every Saturday morning the children engage in thought-provoking, fun, and diverse activities designed to help them learn more about the English language. The curriculum used is age-appropriate and teaches core values that are biblically based. The morning includes time playing games in the gym or outside as well as a snack. Sharing a mixed-age, multicultural classroom allows children of diverse backgrounds and experiences to learn and help each other grow.

We hope to have your children join our exciting program. See you there!

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