What defines a North Park Influencer? An Influencer embraces a calling from God to enter into a global relationship leveraging their vocation or the unique capacity God has given them.
  • Influencers seek to influence change and welcome the change that occurs in their own cross-cultural discipleship as a result of their service.
  • Influencers travel regularly (annually if possible and appropriate) and communicate consistently and regularly (monthly) with key individuals in the relationship.
  • Influencers draft goals for each trip and report on the results of those goals. Influencers seek to be in relationship with the local Church in the context in which they serve.
  • Influencers think first of the indigenous people. They recruit others to travel with them only if others are the right fit and only after a season of learning and building relationship with the indigenous people.
  • Influencers seek to develop their own array of skills and capacities in order to make a greater contribution to the people that they have grown to love.
  • Influencers develop a circle of people to pray for and partner with them in their work. 
The work of the Influencer is measured by the depth of sincere cross-cultural relationship formed, as well as specific accomplishments achieved together with them.

Matt & Jan Eckert

Lithuania, Europe
Since 2014, Matt and Jan Eckert have been developing relationships with City Church in Lithuania—a country that continues to rebuild after decades of community rule.

Rod & Lou Sheil

Belize, Central America
Rod and Lou Sheil are exploring how God would use them in Belize to connect with, encourage and bless families at Belmopan, Ladyville and Trinidad Village.

Ron Burdock & Donna Ballantine

Uganda, Ethiopia &Thailand
Ron and Donna retired early in order to offer themselves to the Church around the world.  As skilled business leaders they bring a great deal experience as well as cross cultural experience.  They travel regularly to Uganda, Ethiopia, and Thailand to walk with national leaders as their coach and partner.

Kathie Cowie

Vietnam and Nepal, Asia
Kathie has been working as an Influencer in Vietnam hospitals for decades.